Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Home School, Crazy Tuesday, Ark

Home School is winding down for this year . . . I am excited for summer time and no school work. EJ and Cody have basically finished up . . . Cameron and Ryan will finish up tomorrow. Then if there are any papers that they didn't finish up, 
they will take care  of them.


Today began like a Monday . . .

The boys didn't get Seeley Booth outside this morning . . .
so, he chose to poop in our Master Bathroom.
After that, he chose to stand on Randy's side of the bed and pee
while I was in the shower.

The nasty messes got cleaned up and while I was getting ready, I dropped my curling iron onto my hand.

If you are not counting, that was THREE bad things BEFORE we headed out the door for the day!

Tonight, Katelyn found laundry soap suds coming out of her toilet and all over the floor in her bathroom. It was about a foot deep throughout the entire bathroom. Apparently, a little too much soap has been used in the laundry. Katelyn walked into her bathroom in the dark and met a lovely smelling foam bathroom.
She is traumatized! lol


Our lol' duck eggs are doing well . . .
we checked them tonight and they are all wiggling around.
We are thrilled and have watched them move around every time we have checked them ~ a little ducky sonogram right at home.
We are patiently awaiting for their little bills to pip through the air sac and then the shell. Hopefully be next weeks end we will be tending to cute and fuzzy baby ducks.


Stormy weather hit our area once again tonight.
We are water logged and the water squishes out of the ground when you walk on the grass.
Yesterday we had 3" of rainfall,
plus we had more rain today and tonight.
Local flooding is expected once again.
Tonight we are expected to have strong thunderstorms and isolated thunderstorms tomorrow.

I have heard many people say,
"I need an ark!"

That statement reminds me of "The Ark Encounter" 
at the Creation Museum.

Here is a link to see a video about The Ark Encounter AND the
Creation Museum!

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