Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friday Catch Up!

I realized tonight it has been several days since I have posted . . .
life tends to get in the way at times.

It is hard to believe we are almost through another week!
My kids are winding down their school year . . .
Katelyn is busy with college finals.

Work has been busy . . .
lots of decisions and meetings.
Prayerfully, we will have a clear picture of our next decision tomorrow afternoon. I am a bit excited about it.

God has been so good to us throughout the past two months.
He never fails us . . .
He never leaves us . . .
We find His divine direction may take us a different route than expected, but He is faithful to stay by our side!


Yesterday, before we even left for school, the boys had a health lesson. I really didn't think I was going to have to give this lesson quite yet, but it was apparent the "girl parts/boy parts" lesson was needed x 3 . . . Ryan wanted no part of it, so the three younger boys were taught a bit of a "health type" lesson.

I am so glad THAT is done!


Our baby chicken nuggets should be hatching in the next day or two! We are excited and are having a hard time waiting.
Tomorrow, the little nuggets will head home with us for the weekend. Hopefully, they will hatch all nice and healthy.
When I checked them yesterday, they were fine inside their eggs.

We can't wait to see our little chickies!

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