Sunday, May 5, 2013


Tonight we celebrated EJ's 9th Birthday!

Katelyn and I made "Dirt Cake" for EJ's Birthday!

Katelyn chose the color of the tablecloth and plates.

EJ thought it was funny!


Dirt Cake

EJ received a call from Grandpa.

Ryan's pail of dirt cake.

Cameron's pail of dirt cake.

Two silly boys are listening to Grandpa sing!

They get so excited when Grandpa calls to sing, but they always comment "it was HORRIBLE!" but you know, they wouldn't miss it for the world!

All lit up and ready to go.

After the Birthday song . . .
he blew them all out.

Ooopppsss, guess not!

LOL Katelyn bought trick candles.

After four or five times, they were finally all out.

Time for the eating!

Everyone loved it . . .
especially the boys that drove their tractors or mudders deep into the pail! The dirt cakes were a huge success!

Let the gifts begin!

EJ was thrilled with all of his gifts.

Beckett tried out the skateboard!

EJ gave it a sit down try.

Then a stand up try.

Showing some moves!

It was a great birthday for EJ!

He is now outside "trying out" his new skateboard.

Hope a visit to the Emergency Room isn't part of the Birthday!

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Junior said...

Happy Birthday, looks like a great party.

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