Saturday, May 25, 2013

a Duckie Sonogram and Homemade Fruit Slushies

Tonight we candled our little duck eggs . . .

Actually, I used the flashlight from my cell phone as it is the brightest and we can see really good. I hope to be able to video the ducklings movements in a few days.

 The kids also enjoyed a fruit slushy dessert after dinner tonight . . .

I purchased these cute little flushy makers here: Williams-Sonoma.

Scraping down the sides . . .
making the slush.

I used pure Cherry juice . . .
poured it right into the "cup" that had the insert placed into the freezer over night.

We put the insert into the colored base cup and the kids began their "work".

As the juice begins to freeze . . .
yummy goodness!

Kind of a science type experiment!

Lots and Lots of slushy goodness!

Which hit the spot!

Can you tell he liked it?

The cup holder that the freezer cup inserts into . . .
this one is holding extra spoon/scrappers.

I HIGHLY recommend this fun product!

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Leslie said...

I love that you are hatching those duck eggs. How educational and FUN! Slushies look yummy too. I sure miss those boys! Hug them for me!

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