Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Sunday night and it is bath time. We have had a very full day and we are all ready to key down for the evening.

The boys had a great time of wrestling tonight . . . they are great challenges for one another. It is fun to cheer them on and see how their mind works to get them out of a pin or pile up. Tonight a new little man joined the boys . . . Landon (a neighbor) had his first lesson of Wrestling Price Boy Style! He was picking it up pretty quickly and got in a few good shots tonight. 

The weather was absolutely beautiful. The boys and Seeley played and played outside.

Beckett was shivery so she was wrapped like a burrito . . .
a Beckett Burrito.

Late this afternoon Beckett and Mia soaked up some sun on the back deck . . . 

Cody enjoyed some Cheerios Marshmallow treats.

Randy painted my toes . . .
He did a very nice job!
My sweetie!

I saw these on Facebook . . .

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