Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Lists . . .

Weekend lists . . . we generally all have them . . . it is the determination to complete them that is the hard thing!

Our weeks are usually crammed at work, so weekends we really like to get things done so we can relax for most of the weekend.

Our list for the weekend ~ it was a BIG one!

Pay bills ~ check ~ this is mama's job

Change out winter table-scape to spring table-scape ~ check ~ this too was mama's job

Tidy the main floor ~ check ~ everyone helped out on this one

Wipe main floor bathrooms ~ check ~ EJ too care of this

Dishes ~ check ~ everyone pitched in

Fish tank ~ check ~ Ryan helped mama

Tidy kitchen ~ check ~ everyone worked on this one

Tidy desk ~ check ~ mama's job

clean desk drawers x2 ~ check ~ mama's job

Update two journals ~ check ~ mama's job

Beckett B-day shopping for treats ~ check ~ mama's job

vacuum main floor ~ check ~ Cameron did this

boil eggs ~ check ~ I put them in and Katelyn put them away

give the beardies a soak ~ check ~ mama soaked them

vacuum kitchen ~ check ~ Cameron vacuumed away

clean out my car ~ check ~ mama and the boys ~ Ryan vacuumed it out (mama touched it up), Cameron and EJ wiped seats and doors, Cody took care of the mats

wash my car by hand ~ check ~ 
the boys loved this job as mama supervised
(Yes, there were wet boys)

replace outside light bulbs ~ check ~ Daddy did this

buy a new printer ~ check ~ Katelyn went shopping

install a new printer ~ check ~ Katelyn did this too

enjoy some outside time ~ check ~ everyone enjoyed

sort laundry ~ check ~ Ryan, Cameron and mama

Cubby/locker clean out ~ EJ, Cameron and Cody

start up some laundry ~ check ~ mama

Guinea pigs needed Poop pickup ~ Cameron did this willingly

Garbage cans were taken to the street ~ mama, EJ and Ryan

Leaves were picked up from the patio ~ Cameron, EJ and Ryan

Bedrooms were tidied ~ Cody, EJ, Cameron and Ryan

Toilet paper was restocked in each bathroom ~ EJ did this
(this is a very important job!)

We had quite a list . . . 

I am so very thankful the list was completed chore by chore by at least one of the seven of us. I cannot imagine taking care of it all by myself. I am thankful for willing helpers!

Whew, we are ready to start the week.

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