Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend in Pictures . . . Long one.

We have had a nice weekend . . . at least for the most part.
The boys played outside for a long, long time yesterday.
They had a great time simply being boys.
A few neighbor friend came over which brought 
the male count to six.
SIX little boys in our backyard is amazing to watch.
They begin by hanging out and catching up.
Then the challenges begin.
A little Testosterone kind of dance.

Once challenges the next and the wrestling begins.

If one doesn't have the other pinned down,
they circle.

They "stalk" one another . . .
they either growl or giggle.
They tease one another . . .
and then down they go.

Daddy and I cheer them on . . .
we also watch to make sure no one gets too rough.
Yes, there are bumps, scratches and at times a bloody nose . . .
(during a wrestling match bloody noses are 
almost a medal to these guys).

Seeley Booth keeps a watchful eye . . .
he will bark at them if he thinks they are getting too rough.

Seeley is a BIG boy . . .
Tomorrow, April 22 Seeley turns ONE year old!
He was SO small when we brought him home . . .
he was 16 weeks at the time.

 Seeley has really grown . . . and so have the boys!

Seeley Booth has grown into a wonderful friend to the boys.
He also loves Beckett and they play all the time.
Happy Birthday Seeley Booth!
We LOVE You!


The sun is setting . . .
the boys are all inside now.

We have soaked three Bearded Dragons.
Their aquariums have been cleaned.

We have done four loads of laundry.
The kids put theirs away.

DVD's/Blue Ray videos have found their cases . . .
Is our house the only one that dvds don't get returned to their case?
Are we the only house that Momma finds dvds/Blue Ray movies stuffed here and there?

We did manage to get videos put away properly.
While we were at it we tidied up the game drawers too.

I made up another batch of Cheerio Marshmallow treats ~ simply can't keep them in the house!

This afternoon we all sat down and watched Mrs. Doubtfire.
The house was bursting with laughter!

I don't know that I am ready to begin a new work week . . .
I am really enjoying my weekend.

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