Monday, April 8, 2013

Updates . . .

Statistics show there have been 42,022 page views 
on this little ol' blog ~ which is mind blowing to me!

Today was a pretty good day for a Monday, 
although the boys immediately began acting up in the car on the way to the office/school. I dropped three of the boys off and too EJ to the orthodontist to get spacers put in prior to the "appliances" he will be getting in a few weeks.

This is Beckett . . .
she was so patient as we waited for EJ at the ortho.

After the ortho, we headed back to the office/school.
There was plenty to tend to there . . .
I was certainly not at a loss of work to take care of.

Things are beginning to resemble normalcy at work . . .
to which I am truly thankful!
Many things that have been up in the air have settled.

We have been asked many times over "What are your plans?"
Believe me when I say . . .

We will be glad when we can finally provide the answer to that question.  Tomorrow will be three weeks since the accident (not that I am counting) and we are consistently talking, assessing and jotting down plans. It is quite a process.

We have nothing set in stone at this point when it comes to the Enviro-Safe bottling/manufacturing facility. 
In fact, Randy has prepared:

Plan A

Plan B

Plan C

We must be patient and continue in prayer as to God's direction.

This came across my Facebook today . . .

and these in the past few days . . .

God uses so many people . . .

so many avenues to get His message to us.

Our God is an AWESOME God!

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