Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update and other Tid Bits, Plus a Silly Story

Update about my last blog post . . .

Today, Randy and his sister were relieved of their Power of Attorney status with their parents. They have their car back and fully acknowledged they are on their own. They thanked Randy and he went on his way.


Please pray for a Dear Friend . . . she will be undergoing a procedure at the hospital tomorrow. Please pray for calmness, peace and comfort.


Works is busy and things are moving along. We are thankful for God's amazing provision and grace! Things are coming together and I can't wait to share!


The flood waters remain . . . in fact, our area has become National News. Apparently, Meredith Viera was in town and checking out the flooding, As was Governor Quinn.


My kiddos are winding down their school year. They will be done right on time with all of the other kids in the area. They are excited and can't wait for summer and all of its fun to arrive.


Do people actually use the word Tid Bit anymore?


The classroom had a discussion this afternoon.
Apparently, Baby Joseph had his shirt off because of a mess and the boys were teasing that his lil' "boobies" were showing.
Mrs. P told the boys that boys do not have boobies . . .
I laughed when I heard the subject, but tend to disagree with 
Mrs. P. We have always told the boys they had tiny boobies.
Well, I have been corrected . . .
men/boys do not have boobies . . .
they have moobies.

There you have it.

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