Monday, April 22, 2013

Some Days . . .

If your life is anything like mine, you have SOME Days that seem to go on forever. Today was one of those days for me.

Off to the office/school this morning . . . we took a little stop along the way to assess the flooding in our area.

There is supposed to be a road to the left under all of that water. You can see the road signs poles are underwater up to the sign.

In Peoria, more flood photos:

Please remember to pray for flood victims around our Nation!

After our little detour, we went back a few blocks and into the office/school parking lot.

The boys got out of the car and headed right in.
I stayed in the car for a little longer chatting with my mom on the phone . . . a weekday morning ritual!

Eventually, I headed inside and visited with each of the girls in the office for a few minutes. Randy eventually made his way in.

Soon, I headed upstairs to my office, fed my little fish and began working. Dad came up a few minutes later as we had a few thing we needed to attend to.

Before I knew it, it was time to take EJ to the Orthodontist.
Off we went - an hour later we were finished there and headed to PetSmart to pick up a few things. Tomorrow morning, the store may be inaccessible due to flooding. A little too close for comfort is what the staff of PetSmart is thinking!

After PetSmart it was back to town to pick up the remainder of my crew. It took us a few minutes to get back out the door, but for them . . . it was pretty quick.

We headed home from there . . . 
the boys immediately headed outside.
I had a few things to take care of before 
I headed out to watch them play.
Katelyn was making Tacos so she could easily see them from
her spot in the kitchen.

Randy came in the door and we chatted a few minutes.
Things are moving slowly on our business building. We are waiting for drawings and other such business from the insurance as far as replacement costs go. 

We have a few more iiii's to dot and tttt's to cross prior to knowing if the avenue we are pursing with our business will work out.
We continue to trust in God's Ultimate Plan, but find there are times we do become a bit frustrated and we must remind each other to turn everything . . . even the tiniest detail over to God.

Just as Satan was trying to get under my skin,
I came across this on Facebook . . .

God NEVER ceases to Amaze me!

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