Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Slowly Returning to Normal?

I have been so encouraged by Facebook messages and posts! I Thank each and every one of you that post those little bits of encouragement . . . they are very special.

Things in our lives are slowly returning to normal. Life at home is pretty much back to normal and we are praising God for that!
Randy is finally get sleep ~ a HUGE answer to prayer.

Work ~ resuming NORMAL may take a while in this area.
There has been an abundance of paperwork to take care of and way too many meetings surrounding the accident. We are now two weeks post accident and beginning to put the pieces back together.
We are finally able to actually be taking care of digging out and cleaning up. I am so thankful for our employees and staff . . . they have been such a HUGE help these past days.

God has been faithful to sustain us . . .
to carry us when we were weak . . .
to encourage us when we were feeling overwhelmed.
God has never left our side!
We are so Thankful!

We are excited for the future, although at this point we have no definite plan in place. We continue to wait and trust God for His leading. We have had many, many calls . . . various offers and suggestions. We must trust God and listen to HIS leading.

Our journey is far from over . . .
we are looking forward to see where it leads.

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Leslie said...

God is glorified through your storm! Your faith has been an inspiration and those watching see that, as you face this trial, you are different from those in the world who don't believe! I know God will use this for good and I am glad He is giving you some solid ground back! Continuing to pray for you all! We love you much!

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