Tuesday, April 9, 2013


There are times when I simply listen to my boys interact with one another. They have some pretty good conversations in between arguments about who let a stinker or who pee'd on the toilet seat. 
(Those of you that are girl mom's are probably already cringing.)

Sorry . . .
this is a REAL life blog . . .
at least MY Real life!

Yesterday there was the conversation in the car about "milk". There were some very cute and interesting comments left on my Facebook! Loved them!

After school today we got into the car and the boys immediately noticed the car said the temperature outside was 84 degrees.
Immediately the word "SUMMER" was yelled for all to hear.
Then the explanation by Ryan.
I know it is only spring but . . .
I am going to call it summer because it is 84 degrees outside and it isn't usually 84 degrees outside in the spring . . .
so . . .

Of course, the brothers in the back seat all chimed in with a little back and forth banter surrounding the facts of spring and summer.

Once home, the boys were itching to get outside to play.
However, first things first . . .
get out of those jeans and put on those shorts!

Cody decided he would open our delivery boxes that UPS delivered today. He opened up a box of Pirate's Bootie . . . it is a cheesy type soft popcorn. Immediately Cody began reading the ingredients ~ He is usually very good about reading the label so he is careful not to eat anything containing peanuts or tree nuts because of his allergy. Anyway, he reads one of the ingredients is "rice" and he immediately says, "Rice? I HATE rice! Why does this have RICE in it? What is it? What does it taste like? What did you buy it for?" He wasn't being nasty, just a bit put off and a bit disappointed.
I looked at him and asked him to calm down. I took the bag, opened it and showed him it was the soft popcorn he likes.
He looked inside and raised one eyebrow . . . 
"hmmm, I am going to have to TRY this!"
That being said, he dug into the "Pirate's Booty"! Of course, with a name like Pirate's Booty, the seven year old was intrigued.
After he grabbed a handful, he was off to tell his brothers . . .

"Hey guys . . . guess what I'VE got! PIRATE'S BOOTY!"

Of course, they all came running . . .
it wasn't long before one bag of Pirate's Booty was history. 

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