Sunday, April 28, 2013

a Sunday at Our House in Pictures

We began our Sunday be enjoying Grace Pres on television this morning. It was a lovely time of worship. 

I wanted to begin taking photos again around the house something other than my iphone. I plugged in my small point and shoot only to find the battery was not taking a charged and had actually expired in December, 2012. So, the pictures were once again taken with my iphone. 

We have been busy around the house. Kitchen and pantry were tidied . . . always a good thing! We also cleaned the fish tank . . . we now have happy fishies! I will be cleaning out the guinea pig cages . . . nasty job but someone has to do it.

This is Petunia Pricklebottom . . . this tray keeps her from getting below with the guinea pigs.

Miss PB is now in her pink house.
She loved it outside . . . 
her little nose was breathing all of the fresh air in.
She is funny.

This is the backend of Gibbs . . .
not so flattering, is it?

Alfalfa was hiding for a little while in his house.

Until he and Gibbs smelled Guinea chow!

This is Alfalfa . . .
poor guy has a ruptured eye - the right one.
You can see how it doesn't quite look right.
He is having surgery on Tuesday.

Gibbs was hiding.
Our Guinea Pigs are kind of hefty and weigh in at 2.86 lbs.

A little bird family has taken up residence.

Isn't it pretty?

The sky was overcast most of the day.

We did manage to tidy up the deck and vacuum the rug.

Then we went fishing.
Last week the water was OVER this dock.

Seeley is just learning about fishing.

Daddy caught a twig!

Seeley was giving Cody some moral support.

Cameron had a little worm guts on his hand.

Cameron did catch two fish!

Seeley got up close and personal with the fish.

Then he sat back and took it all in.

Seeley Booth our fishing dog!

Ryan had been at a concert with Katelyn.

Afterward she bought him a DQ.

another little one for Cameron

The sun decided to finally show up.

Three of the boys . . .

AND the bobber is UNDER!

Ryan caught a fish!

Not too bad in size.
It swallowed the hook, so daddy cut the line and threw it back before Mom could get a good picture.

Cameron's fish

Another for Ryan!


I came across another of those FB posts that just say it all.

It certainly works this way in my house!

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