Saturday, March 23, 2013

Our Baby is SEVEN

This past week I was tidying up my Facebook and found this precious video of Cody . . . three years ago. He was saying his first memorized Memory Verse for Mrs. J's class at Preschool.
  He was so little then!

Today our youngest Celebrated his 7th Birthday.
This household has had little ones for quite some time . . .
we haven't had anyone turn seven without a sibling or two younger.
I believe we have reached a milestone in our home.

Katelyn decorated the table for Cody's little party.

Favorite Cup Cake Flavors - 
Chocolate Marshmallow and Orange Cream

Monkey for a Monkey

Six Candles

Breakfast Casserole - Cody's dinner of choice


Birthday Boy

He couldn't wait to open his presents.

It didn't take him long to get moving on his new creation.

In true Price Family fashion . . .

Cody . . .

* Is very dramatic.
* Can be a perfectionist - when he wants to be
* Loves to read
* Is obsessed with Tic Tacs
* Screams like a little girl!
* Always tries to keep up with his older brothers
* Is truly a blessing to our family!

Our family would be incomplete without him.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!
Cody loves to help COOK - 
just like in the Chopped Kitchen!

Cody is growing up too fast!

Cody Alexander, we LOVE You!

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Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Cody! You are so much fun to be around.

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