Monday, March 11, 2013


Our day began ultra early this morning . . .
we had a 7:45 a.m. Orthodontic appointment for FIVE.

We decided to try a new orthodontist with our boys approaching the braces wearing age . . . it is confirmed . . .
all four boys need braces and EJ may need a palate spreader before braces. We will know more in a few weeks.

Katelyn had an appointment as well. She is having some TMJ problems and we wanted a second opinion on her bite.
She will undergo a STUDY next week to see what can be done for her open bite and TMJ. EJ will also be undergoing a STUDY for his palate and teeth placement as his palate is narrow, Dr. wants to have a STUDY done to see what exactly should be done for EJ.
Ryan is still working on losing his baby teeth and is 6 months to a year out on braces. Cameron doesn't have to go back for a year and will be re-evaluated then to see how his mouth has changed. Cody will head back in to see the doc in 6 months and will also be re-evaluated to see what is needed then. Apparently, my three youngest have too big of teeth for their mouths. 
(It is hard to fathom, isn't it?) lol

In true MOM fashion I snapped a few pictures of our morning.
Here are a few photos . . .



The boys playing wii at the ortho office.

EJ's turn


They all did really well . . . 
Even Katelyn . . . although I didn't take her photo!

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