Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nothing is Too Big or Too Small for God

A Winter Storm Warning is upon us . . . snow through today. Not sure if anyone has settled on the snow accumulation. 

The kids and I are inside working throughout the house. There is much to be tended to today. I am thankful for my helpers.

The week will be filled with checking off lists of things we must take care of. There will be new lists along the way. 

Randy is down at the plant. Demo crews are preparing to move the roof and sort through debris from the demolition of Tuesday evening.

Tuesday's explosion aftermath looked like this.

However, after demolition crews went to work, 
we ended up with this:

Although we do not understand why the demo crew ripped the building apart, we must accept it. We know God is in the details.

Friday we were going over our options . . .
praying for God's divine direction.
There is much to be done . . .
we are thankful for friends and business associates that have come along side us to pick up the pieces.

Please continue to pray for us in the days, weeks and months ahead. Randy and I desire to glorify God throughout this storm.

Please pray for our children too.
They are doing well, but seeing the damage to our building was hard for them. They are looking to us for assurance that all will be o.k. and it is the perfect time for them to see God's greatness.
Nothing is too big or too small for God!

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ParkerMama said...


Did they demolish more because it was unstable? That is a big difference. I love these old buildings and their history. It looks as though you'll need to rebuild from the ground up now.

But most of all I'm glad that everybody is going to be okay. I have this feeling that your business will one day be even bigger than it was before this happened.

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