Monday, March 18, 2013

Mental Health

Our weekend finished without a hitch . . . to which we are thankful! Thank you for all who prayed and encouraged us!

This afternoon Randy decided he needed to have a face to face with his parents. They were both o.k. today and Randy thought it was a good time to confront the situation with his Dad. The subject of the "pretend stroke"yesterday came up right away. Randy told his dad that he knew he was acting and was not having any problems as far as strokes or heart attacks. He told his dad that he had stood up for him for years concerning the "attacks" ~ they had been occurring for years. The last long hospital stay he had proved Paul was not exactly honest about what was going on and actually showed the episodes were fake. Finally, Randy asked him point blank if he was making up these episodes and Paul answered "Yes." The first time in over 30 years Paul has admitted what he had been doing.

Randy told his Mom that she does not always know what is going on and her brain is not functioning normally. He told her that he were trying to get both of them into an appointment with someone that would test their mental capacities and diagnose what is going on with each of them so he and the family would know what to do.

Randy also let them know that everything that has gone on this past month cannot continue. He told his Mom that he understands she has a disease that is causing her brain to malfunction. However, it is a different story with his dad. Paul is manipulating Randy and family by pretending to be ill. Paul is "stirring the pot" so to speak and it isn't helping Randy's Mom's illness at all, but simply adds fuel to those days when his Mom's brain 
is in a state of rage.

Although today they understood everything that was said, we know it is only a matter of time before it all begins again.

 Randy and I talked before dinner tonight . . .
Randy's Dad has been having "episodes" for more than 30 years.
Could they all have been to manipulate those around him?
Randy said tonight . . . "I believed and stood up for him all these years and he was just playing me. My Dad has had mental problems for a long, long time."

Although we are relieved that Paul doesn't have dementia ~ we are saddened that he has mental health issues. It is disheartening to know he pretends to be extremely ill - to the extent that he wants to be in the hospital. The lady that was caring for them yesterday literally thought Paul was having a stroke. 

These past few months have been eye opening . . . 

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