Thursday, March 7, 2013

Crazy Week

My week has been crazy and even crazier things have happened ~

  • My Birkenstock sandals . . .my very favorite ones ~ toe strap broke - yes I still wear my sandals in the winter, Unless the snow is bad, the ice is thick or it is below 30 degrees. They did last me three plus years.
  • Our Thinking Putty came in . . . EJ made this Crazy, Creepy Creature

  • I already wrote about sewing Ryan's undies to his blue jeans . . still cracks me up.
  • I was locked out of my new office today . . . two doors worth of locked out.
  • I realized that one or more of my boys squeeze the toothpaste in the middle instead of roll it from the end!!!
  • New chair for my new office . . . only to find it is too short for my desk . . . grrrrrr, I feel like a Smurf!
  • Cleaning out the kids' desks at school was . . . ahem . . . interesting, for lack of a better term. It is amazing what you just might find in them.
  • While stopped at a stop light a car pulled up next to me on the left . . . it was a two lane street . . . the car was going the wrong way. The driver was simply UNAWARE.

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