Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Busyness . . .

These past several days we have been busy, busy, busy. Our days run into nights  . . . the night . . . well, there doesn't seem to be enough of it! Family, School, Business . . .  all keep us hopping. 

We are making some big changes for our classroom. Our building we were using is being transformed into retail for our business. We had ran over in our minds where to move our little school to allow for the retail expansion many times. A few weeks ago, Mrs. P's husband had a suggestion . . . and it was a FABULOUS one!

Randy had an office upstairs of our main office building that he hasn't used in a few years. Behind that office is a very large room that had rows and rows of chairs that had been used as a meeting room for our city. I was thrilled at the prospect! This week has been devoted to our changing things up. My office is looking pretty good . . . the furniture has arrived and is in place. The school desks and chairs are in the school room all ready and waiting. Tomorrow, while the kids are on a field trip, we will be moving the contents of our classroom to our new BIGGER classroom. There will be a lot of work to be done the next two days. Although the school room will not be exactly like we want it for the next few weeks, it will be wonderful. Once all is together, I will definitely take pictures and post them.

Here are a few photos of Beckett's new Suitcase bed for my office.
Mia tried out the new suitcase bed.

Beckett tried it out too, but wasn't thrilled.

Time for bed . . .

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