Sunday, March 10, 2013

a Rainy Sunday

The rain continues today . . .
but I don't mind.

Today has been busy with "finding" my desk at home.
If your home is like mine there is a place that seems to catch everything no one wants to put away. In our home, it is my desk.
Today I FOUND my desk again.
Whew . . . that looks better.

I also paid the bills, reconciled the checkbook and other accounts.
I downloaded the paperwork we need for tomorrow's Ortho appointment . . . we decided to get a few second opinions on the state of our children's teeth . . .
ALL FIVE will have a consultation tomorrow morning . . .
going to be a LONG one!

The boys have been argumentative with one another all day.
They definitely need a nap today!
Daddy is on DAD duty and all four are with him.

I look forward to a much easier week . . .
last week was certainly a busy one.

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