Friday, February 1, 2013

The Talking from the Backseat

Kids are so funny . . . there are times I simply LOVE hearing the chat from the backseat as I drive. Yesterday, there was some pretty deep conversation going on back there!

The conversation went like this between the boys,

  • Did you know the streets of Heaven are made of gold?
  • I sure hope there are no poor people there!
  • Why do you think there are poor people in Heaven?
  • I don't . . . I just hope there isn't cause that makes me sad.
  • Kamie is in heaven . . . I wonder what she is doing. (our Sheltie that passed away a year and a half ago.)
  • I think she is bouncing a ball off of her nose.
  • I think Aunt Darlene is tossing the ball to her.
  • I think they are having a good time.
  • What else do you think Kamie is doing?
  • Well, she is probably sleeping.
  • There is NO sleeping in Heaven!
  • Mommy, is there sleeping in Heaven?
  • I think we will like Heaven . . . we get to see God every day.
  • I think we will see Jesus everyday. We can go see him every time we want to.
We then arrived at our destination and the conversation changed. I simply sat, listened and soaked it all in.

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