Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snuggles, Appointments and Poop

This week has been full of appointments! Teeth, Eyes and Nails!
So glad to be finished with Eye appointments for all, Nail appointment fore me (although I do love them), Vet appointments for three girls and Dental for Cameron, Cody and myself. We still have orthodontist appointments and two more dental appointments.

This week has literally flown by . . .
I almost feel like asking "Where did it go?"
BUT, I won't . . . 
I don't want to be wrong we we backup a few days!

My bitty girl Beckett is VERY snuggly/clingy tonight.
Maybe she thinks I am going out . . . I am not.
So, she is laying between my arms as I type.

Sweet girl!


I found the cutest little Brush Your Teeth Timer!!!

Click HERE for the link.


It has been quite "the Day" . . .

I know you are on pins and needles to know about "the day" . . .

This morning we were up a little bit earlier than normal since I had to take the furry girls to the vet at 8:30 a.m. 
I had everyone moving and headed out the door.
Katelyn was taking the boys to our little school room and Randy took Cameron to the dentist.
I was at the vet getting the girls weighed in when my cell phone rang. I quickly answered it and found a distraught Katelyn on the other end. I finished the call and then helped with weighing my furry ones. 

Beckett weighed 3.4 lbs - AFTER she ate her breakfast.
Mia weighed 6.8 lbs - AFTER she ate her breakfast.
Emma . . . I believe weight 21 lbs . . . or was that 23 lbs?

anyway . . .

Back to the telephone call . . .

Katelyn and the boys cleaned the guinea pig cage/hedgehog cage:


The "Condo"

The cage is all decked out with Veterinarian grade fleece for small animals. The poop and etc. was whisked into the garbage and the fleece was pulled out - we rotate the fleece from a stack of fleece we have for just such a reason. The fleece is washable and Cameron was told to take it to the washer. Apparently, on the way to the laundry room, Cameron pushed the fleece into Cody's face.
Cody is a "smell" kind of kid and hates nasty smells. 
Immediately he threw up all over the floor . . .
Kix with milk.
Nice, Right?
Now you know WHY Katelyn was distraught.

The mess was dealt with and all was better when I talked with her a few minutes later . . . our phone call ended by informing Katelyn that Emma promptly deposited poop on the floor in exam room at the vet . . . Katelyn did manage a little laugh about Emma's  . . .
ahem . . . deposit!

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