Saturday, February 23, 2013


Life is FULL of the UNEXPECTED.

Especially with boys!

Boy Mamas never know what to expect minute to minute or second to second some days.

BOYS ARE . . .

Exhausting, Exasperating, Exhilarating, Exciting,
Energetic, Eager, Emotional, 

In an effort to explain the words above . . .
a few examples of our week:

  • My youngest comes down the stairs from his bedroom every night at approximately 9:20 p.m. "Mommy, my belly hurts." I immediately know that he thinks he needs a little snack. A few crackers with cheese and his belly is cured.
  • The snow had been falling approximately 5 minutes when Ryan asked if he could go outside and play in it.
  • EJ was taking a test the other day (3rd grade) when he looked over at his cousin and asked her for an answer. Of course it was noticed immediately. I asked EJ if he was cheating on his test . . . his answer, "No she answered the wrong question."
  • All mamas to boys know to LOOK carefully before sitting in the bathroom. Last night I went into the bathroom and the seat to the toilet was sprinkled on. I asked who had been in the bathroom recently . . . would you believe no one? Not me struck again!
  • I asked Cameron why he didn't complete a chore he was instructed to do . . . his answer, "because EJ said I didn't have to do it."
  • We have approximately 4,999,999,999,999 Lego pieces in our home. Would you believe at least two of my boys want the exact same piece at the exact same time? 
  • Randy noticed a horrible smell each time Ryan passed by him. He stopped him and asked, "Ryan have you been wearing your boots without socks?" Ryan answered yes. Randy reminded him that his feet will get very stinky as will his boots. Ryan replied, "my feet don't stink". At that very moment he brought his foot up to his nose and took a sniff. Without a word, he went and got his boots and took another sniff. The look on his face was priceless . . . yes indeed Raunchy Stinky Nasty Smelly feet and boots. The boots will be washed tomorrow - he hasn't been allowed to wear them.
  • The boys were helping me in the kitchen . . . EJ was using a kid knife and chopping carrots . . . He looked at me and said, "I feel like I am on CHOPPED!"
  • Did you know that a nine year old boy can take a dog out to go potty in less than 30 seconds and actually expect me to believe the dog actually had a chance to take care of business?
  • Boys lose track of what they are supposed to be doing quite easily. In fact, they can walk from one room to the next and not know why. A gentle reminder usually gets them back on track.
  • Boys love sticker charts . . . especially the green star stickers. 
  • The brain of little boys is always in motion . . . beware of too much quiet!
  • I have found Lego in the oddest places . . . the fruit and vege fridge drawer, my make up drawer, in my spot of the bed, in my shoe, in our book basket . . . my bitty Beckett even finds those crazy Lego pieces. She hoards them!
  • Boys can take a shower in less than 30 seconds . . . and claim they used soap! They tend to take a little longer if promised a little help in the scrubbing department from Dad.
  • Brushing teeth . . . Do you really mean the toothpaste NEEDS to be used and actually scrubbed in little circles on the teeth?

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