Monday, February 4, 2013

Katelyn is 20 Years Old Today!

No matter how many ways I think about it . . .

I still cannot believe our girl is 20 years old!

In true fashion on Birthday's in our home . . .
a Tribute of 20 things you may or may not know about our Birthday Girl.

  1. Katelyn loves to read.
  2. She is great in the kitchen and REALLY knows how to cook.
  3. She is just like her Mom and Dad . . .  she lives OUTSIDE the box!
  4. Katelyn loves earrings.
  5. She loves to make little concoctions she finds on Pinterest.
  6. She stands up for what she believes in . . . even if she must stand alone.
  7. Katelyn is the FIRST Grand Daughter on Mama's side and the third on Daddy's side.
  8. Katelyn loves impromptu short trips, especially with mom.
  9. She loves to shop with Grandma.
  10. Ryan says, "Katelyn is a walking encyclopedia".
  11. Loves color.
  12. Talks to lizards and guinea pigs.
  13. Katelyn's favorite restaurant is Kellehers.
  14. Her favorite movie is Ferris Buehler.
  15. Has two Majors . . . Drawing and Graphic Design.
  16. Katelyn loves school
  17. Has become a night owl like her mama.
  18. Loves to tease her daddy.
  19. Katelyn is the most beautiful person inside and out that I know.
  20. Katelyn is a BLESSED gift from God!
Happy Birthday Katelyn Elisabeth! We LOVE You!


Marva said...

Happy Birthday Katelyn!

Leslie said...

Happy 20th birthday to you sweet Katelyn! Your smile and creativity light up my glad you can be there when I am.

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