Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cupcakes, Penthouse and

The kids have headed to bed, Randy is upstairs working . . . he is available to assist customers around the world for a few hours each night. Katelyn is catching up with Facebook, etc. The dogs are sleeping . . . hard day at the Beauty Parlor.

Katelyn made cupcakes for our little school kiddos for tomorrow. 

I have my cup of coffee in front of me as I type. It is delicious.

The Hedgehog and Guinea pigs are sporting a new "hotel" of sorts. A three tier cage . . . they are getting used to things and exploring a bit. Hedgie is a bit disgruntled and has been huffing and puffing, although she did come out and nose around a little tonight.

They are safely located by the dog food and water bowls. Our furry babies can check in on them too! They love to watch them scurry around. Our Guinea Pigs are pretty social . . . the Hedgie, not so much!

When Hedgie thought no one was looking, she was out and about checking out her new Penthouse. I grabbed a quick photo . . .

There is her little face and eyes!

If you haven't caught on . . . we are creature lovers!

I haven't let Randy off the hook yet about chickens!
(I really don't think he is going to give in!)
but . . . I still LOVE him!

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