Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This morning I headed out earlier than the rest of the gang . . . I had a hair appointment . . . it was WONDERFUL & Quiet!

After hair, I headed back to our classroom and worked through classes until 2:30 before we headed toward home. 

Once home we headed upstairs to clean out the Bearded Dragon cages. We began with Artemis's Cage . . . he had really grown and when he climbed his tree branch it fell over. We were afraid he would get hurt, so we took it out and added rock instead. 

Lazy Beardie!

After Artemis, we cleaned out Apollo's cage. We added a new bridge for her . . . I think she really likes it.

Apollo really likes her hammock and is headed right for it.

Finally, we were on to lil' Zeus. 
He is a little fella . . . and very sweet. He was up high on his tree branch and loving every minute.

This is Zeus's cage . . . it is more vertical.

Nice little Beardies . . . full tummies and clean houses!

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