Tuesday, February 5, 2013

According to . . .

I think it is fun and interesting to write a post about trends, things happening, fun stuff . . . I have received my March 2013 Real Simple magazine and have some good ones for you!

  • a trend worth trying . . . the color TANGERINE 
  • open-air terrariums are easy . . . or so they say
  • there is a new app that allows you to scan on your iphone - It is the Digimark Discover app from itunes or google play market. I played around with it and it really does work! 
  • there is a new iphone app that uses the camera to display an image of whatever is in front of you as you are walking. It is called: Type N Walk . . . if you do a lot of texting, this one may be for you! I downloaded it and like it.
  • Did you know Traditional Etiquette does dictate that you should send notes in response to condolence cards if you are able.
There you have it!

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