Monday, February 11, 2013

29 Plus International Shipping and Handling

Just when I think the Mucinex Sinus has cleared my head . . . it fills again. I really should grumble, but I could feel so much worse. Crazy germs! We have really be fortunate not to be dealing with influenza or some other nastier illness. I guess there is always something to be thankful for.

Cody is still awake. He came downstairs about an hour ago . . . his tummy hurt . . . second night in a row. I had him snack on some saltines . . . it did the trick. He told me he would take Seeley to his "bed" kennel for me and I thought, "How Sweet". Well, not so fast on the how sweets . . . Cody tried to sneak Seeley up to his bedroom. I caught them going up the stairs together. I asked them to come back down to me . . . I asked Seeley if he wanted to sleep with Cody . . . no, I am not kidding. When Ryan wants Seeley to sleep with him, he tends to come and hide by me. I figured he would do the same if he didn't want to go with Cody. He didn't seem to mind, so I let Cody take him upstairs with him to bed. Hopefully, he will settle in the for night.

Tomorrow I will be enjoying a bit of relaxation . . . I have a hair appointment! My roots are HORRIBLE WHITE . . . my Stacie can work wonders though! I was thinking, I just might have to start going every THREE weeks . . . just sayin'! Don't believe me . . .
Take a look . . .

Katelyn just came over and looked at my roots.
She immediately laughed and said that is PURE white Mom!
Thanks . . . sweetie!
Katelyn continued laughing and said, "you know, if you didn't have it colored every month your hair would be totally white!"

Yes . . .
I know!

Only 29 plus International Shipping and handling . . .
and I am going gray!

(But not for long!)

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