Thursday, January 24, 2013


I enjoy the peacefulness that takes over our home in the evening AFTER the boys go to bed. I think my furry ones do too! My boys tend to be LOUD and WOUND from the moment their feet hit the floor until they climb into bed each night.

The peacefulness each evening allows Katelyn, Randy and I to gather our thoughts, have a little quiet time, think about the day and plan for tomorrow.

Today was a good day . . . the boys had a good day at school with Mrs. M - science projects and tons of fun. Katelyn had a good day in her new classes. Randy started the day out not feeling well, but throughout the day felt much better. I had my teeth cleaned at the dentist this morning and then headed to our home school to be with the kiddos. Beckett was not at all thrilled she was not allowed to go with Mama to the dentist. 

We had a nice dinner - vegetable egg omelets with turkey sausage. The kids had chicken fries, yogurt and fruit. Everyone was happy and filled up.

Tomorrow begins the weekend . . . we are supposed to get a little snow . . . I hope we get a LOT of snow! Sorry friends!

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