Sunday, January 13, 2013

Knitting and A MIRACLE?

Katelyn is trying to learn to knit and it is funny! I tried to learn to knit last year . . . it was funny too! I did manage to knit a rectangle . . . because I am talented! lol NOT!

There was quite a "miracle" in our home today . . . Ryan cleaned up Cody's room! Yep, you read that right . . . While everyone else was napping, Ryan cleaned up all of the Lego toys from Cody's floor. When I heard, I praised Ryan and told him how wonderful it was for him to do that for his little brother. Ryan gave me a bit of a . . . Cool, Mom is proud of me . . . BUT . . .

You see, most ten year old boys are not in the habit of "offering" to clean up their six year old brother's . . . unless he has a motive! Just keeping it real here!

Which brings me to the question . . . Why THAT look? And another question . . . Why? Why would a ten year old BOY do something nice for his six year old brother?

I decided to test the boys . . . First I asked Cody "Why did Ryan clean your room? Did you ask him to?" He answered yes. To which I asked, "What did you promise him?" He smiled and answered, "I told him he could play with my Legos." Hmmmmm . . . kind of thought so.

I then asked Ryan, "Why did you clean Cody's room up?" The answer . . . "ummmm, aaaaaaa, well, I wanted to do it for him to be nice." Really? Well, that is wonderful . . . it WAS very nice for you to do that for Cody! "What is the REAL reason?" I received "the look" from my oldest son. So, I changed the question to, "What did Cody promise you?" "Well, um, that I could play with his Legos." 


I have to smile as I think . . . Wow, their "LETS MAKE A DEAL" skills are improving!

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