Friday, January 25, 2013

Kelly's Korner "All About Adoption"

Today Kelly's Korner is hosting "All About Adoption" . . . so, I though I would write a little post to participate.

My husband and I have FIVE kids . . . FOUR of which are boys and each adopted.

We were married in 1982 and wanted children . . . a lot of them! Nine years later I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Katelyn . . . she will be 20 years old next month.

We always figured we would grow our family like most everyone else . . . giving birth as the way to add them. However, God's divine plan was quite different.

We adopted our oldest son as a Newborn. I remember seeing him for the first time . . . INSTANTLY I loved him . . . just as if I had birthed him myself. Ryan's adoption went smoothly and eight months after his birth, his adoption was finalized, a thoroughly BEAUTIFUL adoption.

Almost two years later we received an unexpected telephone call . . . two little boys need a mama and daddy. We met with them one day and took them home the next. I totally expected for that "immediate Mom love" . . . however, this time it was different that Ryan's adoption. My two new additions were withdrawn, didn't know how to react to affection. I wanted to immediately have Mom love, but it took time. I have come to the conclusion that my heart did not have time to prepare for my two newest additions . . . I had time to plan for Katelyn's birth. I had time to plan for Ryan's birth . . . we had "met" birthmom  four months prior to his birth. We had less than 24 hours to plan for our middle two boys. Although not immediate, the mama love came . . . to which I was relieved! It took several years for Cameron and Evan's adoption to finalize, but it was a very tearful day - Happy tears!

We added newborn Cody to our home a year after the middle two boys . . . his adoption was finalized with Cameron and Evan's. We knew of Cody months before he was born. Once again, the Mama love kicked right in. 

I thoroughly believe God designed our family at the beginning of time. He had His own purpose and timing. There were so many times I had grown impatient . . . Randy and I had to wait until God's timing. 

Today our home is filled with a fun loving almost 20 year old daughter and FOUR very loud, rambunctious and handsome boys . . . Ryan age 10, Cameron age 9, Evan James age 8 and Cody age 6.

Many times we are asked . . . 

  • Are all of THOSE yours? I am thrilled to say YES!
  • Don't you KNOW what causes THAT? My answer: YES, God!
  • You are finished adding children to your family, right? My answer: Although my answer at this point is yes, I cannot guarantee what God's plan is. There may or may not be more additions  . . .  ONLY God knows.
  • Aren't you exhausted? There are days that we ARE exhausted, but for the most part . . . not more than normal.
  • Would we do it again? Yes
  • WHY would you take in and adopt another child? My answer, How can we say no? We have enough room in our home and we can support them. God provides!

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