Saturday, January 5, 2013


I have noticed several people choosing a word for the Year 2013. A word that will actually continue to have the same meaning at the beginning of 2013 as it does at the end of 2013.

My word is "INTENTIONAL".

Intentional: conscious, deliberate, intended, purposeful.

Intentional in:
  • encouragement 
  • sharing with other
  • praising God for his tender mercies
  • being joyful
  • sharing God's love
  • pray time
  • Bible reading
  • relationships
Intentional in:
  • saying "No" to my children's wants (just because they want it, doesn't mean I should just buy it for them).
  • teaching my children to be thankful for the things they have
  • not purchasing anything on a whim
  • teaching my children the joy of giving to others
  • teaching each of my children to be responsible
  • teaching my children to live like Jesus (using the book "Raising Boys to be like Jesus"
Life is not always easy . . . I tend to cave into my children's wants . . . I like to shower them in gifts. This "INTENTIONAL" will certainly be a challenge for me. Through prayer and God's help, I will stay strong and make it completely through the year!

I want to be an encourager! I know that isn't a proper word, but that is exactly what I want to be ENCOURAGING to others! So many people out there are hurting and simply need a kind word or smile. Intentional Encouragement!

What about you? What is your word for 2013?

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