Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekend Recap and photos

"If you saw them, you would be GROSSED out!" those were the words I heard after the boys fed the Beardies a new kind of bug . . . silk worms. I couldn't believe ANYTHING would gross out my boys . . . especially a little ol' bug!


Tonight we are getting those little EXTRA things accomplished.
Things like sorting the sock basket and matching socks ~ it is quite the job around here! Initially Cameron was sorting them, however Katelyn decided he wasn't quite doing it correctly and took over.

All the boys' cubbies are tidy - they are actually wooden locker built ins . . .  in our mud room. They are supposed to keep them tidy, but  you know how THAT goes!
We also took time to tidy the winter hat/scarf drawer and gloves drawer also in the mud room.

Cody and Ryan's Locker/cubbie

Inside Cody's locker

Randy's locker is on the left, Katelyn's is on the right.
The drawers for hats, gloves and scarves are located under the bench. It all works out very well and if everyone puts their things away properly . . . all stays nice and tidy.

Our mud room is located between the garage and the kitchen. Coming into the mud room and taking a right is our laundry room, large coat closet and a half bath.

EJ and Cody's locker is next to the door to the garage.

The car has been loaded with things for tomorrow at school . . .
with the exception of the Hedgehog and Hermit crab.
They are waiting inside the house until tomorrow.

Seeley is checking in on Gibbs and Alfalfa . . . the guinea pigs.
The hedgehog is to the right and we keep her cage covered with netting . . . it helps her feels a little more secluded and keeps any bugs/gnats away from her as well. She will be making the trip back to our classroom tomorrow.

Emma is plum tuckered out!
I think she just may be ready for all of the noise to disappear for a while when we are all at school. 
Earlier I saw Emma and Seeley snuggled together . . .
it was really sweet but I didn't have my camera or phone to take a picture to share. 


I took a few photos this past week and have not had a chance to post them . . .

A photo of our makeshift bedroom for Grandpa . . .
the bed is a queen size inflatable bed with headboard.
Grandpa claimed it was more comfortable than his own bed.

This is Alfalfa the guinea pig after his bath.
Yes, you can bathe a guinea pig.

Little Sophie

Poor Little Beckett . . . she looks like she is all eyeballs!
our groomer was not feeling well, so I bathed all 3.2 lbs of her at home in our laundry room sink.

This is Alfalfa all sudsy!
Gibbs in hiding at the back of the sink.

Two freshly bathed guinea pigs that were promptly blow dried.

A little bit of snow in town.

Mia is co pilot as little Sophie is in her Petflys bag.

More snow!

It is now time for coffee and to find a little something to watch with Katelyn . . . AFTER I fold laundry!

Have a great night!

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