Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Catch UP

Friday night . . . almost 11:00 p.m. I am writing with our back door open to let fresh air in. The temperature was in the 50's today . . . pretty weird weather for January in Central, Illinois. Tomorrow, we will be brought abruptly back to "normal" weather as we are expecting the temps to drop to the low 30's on Saturday and down to 23F degrees on Sunday. We are also anticipating a bit of snow . . . the boys are thrilled!


We finished up our first week back to school since Christmas vacation. It was tough to get back in the full swing of things, but we managed. It did feel good to have a schedule each day, but exhausting none the less. 

This afternoon before we left school, we found our little Crab had died. It was very sad and rather icky . . . 
Rest in Peace little Crab.

Little Miss Prickles . . . our hedgie is up and about tonight. She is much more active since coming to our home over Christmas break. We may just leave her here . . . 
we have not decided yet.
It is fun to actually see her uncurled and more friendly.


Flu Outbreak has reached epidemic levels in the USA.
Boston has actually declared an Epidemic emergency.
The strain: Influenza H3 N2
The CDC recommends vaccination to reduce the 
risk of getting this flu.

We generally do not get the flu vaccine . . .
however, this year we did . . . all of us.
I am thankful!

The CDC claims it is not too late to get a flu shot.
Apparently, in Illinois several hospitals were put on by-pass . . .
they could not handle anything but emergency cases in the ER.

When should you head to the hospital with the flu?
  • not responsive
  • perssitant vomiting
  • high fever
  • high risk
  • very young children with influenza symptoms
  • very old with influenza symptoms
How can you protect yourself and your family?
  • get the vaccine
  • hand wash frequently
  • do not go into areas of a high volume of people
  • stay in

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Marva said...

I sure do wish we would see cold and snow here but we live in that's prob NOT gonna happen. It was 73* today. The boys always get flu vaccine but we did not get it this year (John and I). It is bad here too. Sorry about your little crab friend. It always hard whenyou lose a pet. Love and hugs!

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