Saturday, January 26, 2013


The timer just sounded . . . the homemade granola has finished baking. The house smells wonderful . . . the boys keep circling through the kitchen . . . I am thinking the yummy goodness is calling them from all areas of the house.

As I write, the boys are beginning to ask for a bowl of granola.
Two are currently enjoying their first bowl.

Lego talk over a bowl of granola in milk.

oops . . .
two more have joined in

Each one told me the granola was yummy . . .
each bowl was quickly emptied, they left the kitchen
and headed upstairs for more Lego.


 This is one of the fish in our little aquarium.

The fishies are very quick and hard to photograph. 

This little tank is six gallons.
It is adorable and easy to maintain.
(sorry for the flash glare)


I have instituted Clean Eating in our home.
The easiest way to explain it . . .
a lot of FRESH and nothing - well, almost nothing from a box.
When I look at the ingredients I look for things that are NATURAL. If I can't pronounce it . . . it is a No No.

At first, the boys were a little concerned . . .
What EXACTLY do you mean Mom?

No more . . .

Chef Boyardee . . . after it is gone
No more pop tarts . . . only a few boxes left

Less . . . much less . .  out to eat
In fact, we haven't eaten out all week!
(the kids did have pizza on Mrs. M day at school)

Going Healthy!

Plenty of home made yummy goodness!

Great food choices . . .

a lot of fresh fruits and veges . . .

meats ~ all types grown without hormones or antibiotics . . .

Home made granola, oatmeal, cookies, etc.

Yummy Home cooked dinners!

Just Saying NO to JUNK food!


Marva said...

We are working toward the clean eating practice too! I love the rule of thumb.. if you can't pronounce it no, no! The granola looks great! You have the BEST recipes! If you have time would you share it, plz? The fish tank is so cute! Blessings!

ML said...
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