Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blessed or Blessing?

God has put each of us on this earth for a purpose.

Most people don't really pay any attention to the 
"purpose" for their life.

Many people simply don't care WHY they are on the earth.

You may be on this earth to be:

an encouragement to others

a support system for someone

a teacher

a mother or father

a friend

a sister or brother

an advocate

or maybe a prayer warrior.

This past week, we have requested prayers for our family . . .
we are truly thankful to each of those faithful prayer warriors!!!

My Dad is doing well and so is Randy's Mom!

Many of the above list were filled by someone during this past week. I am truly thankful for each!

In closing, I would like to ask . . .

Which one are you?

Did you encourage someone today?

Did you support, advocate or pray for someone?

Did you hear that still small voice of God 
and respond to his leading? 

Being Blessed by being a BLESSING . . .

Give it a try, if you haven't already!


ML said...

My mission-I try to do a good deed every day to help another person.
It could be anything, prayer of course, a monetary donation, a gift, my time, volunteering, visiting or talking to someone who needs company, whatever...
It makes me feel good! How about you, JuJu?

Julie said...

You and I sound a lot alike ML! I try to encourage others, help meet the needs of others, prayer, etc.

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