Friday, January 18, 2013


This week has been a tough one.
Decisions, discussions and changes.
Life with aging parents . . .
not an easy task.

Randy and I have been married 30 years and although we knew the time would come to take care of our parents . . .
we failed to realize the magnitude of that stage of life.

Realizing your parents can no longer live independently is HUGE.
It is then you must have discussions, make decisions and then follow through with changes. Although those changes are made to help aging parents through their life . . . 
parents may not see it as help.

Seeing your parents age and lose independence is hard . . .
but for the parent, it is unbearable.
Parents do not understand WHY their independence is limited. They don't know of anything wrong . . .
They simply don't remember what they can't do any longer.

Then it begins:

irrational behavior

Things the parent treasured before can become forgotten.
The parent can actually take on an entire new personality.

It is hard . . .
It is tiring . . .
It is frustrating . . .

It is a total labor of love from grown child to aging parent.
May we not grow weary . . .
May we never forget . . .

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Marva said...

Praing for you and Randy and all the parents involved. It is a hard, hard road. I understand........all my love!

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