Sunday, December 16, 2012

Today and Photos

Our "Alice" is on Vacation for a few weeks . . .
our house is cringing!
Alice gives our home love and care each week day . . .
now it is up to us . . . 

TODAY'S CHORES: Many hands make light work!
Everyone worked together to accomplish much today.

laundry X 10 loads,  tidy up each room - check
dust mop all wood floors, damp mop all wood floors - check
hand wash all hard floors and tidy pantry - check
vacuum kitchen and clean main floor bathrooms - check

Emma needs a bath . . . whew! - check

cleaned out three cabinets  and restock toilet paper - check
put Christmas photos in frames - check
clean and renew scentsy wax - check
wipe down wooden staircase - check
scrub up nasty doggie doo from the front walk- check
put rings on shrinky dinks for school tomorrow - check
tidy desk, update ipad, cut out and bake Shrinky Dinks - check

give the Beardies a soak - check x 3

Our largest Beardie Artemis - wrongly named as this lizard is a boy. . . hard to tell which they are when they are little.

Zeus is the little dude . . .
he just doesn't seem to grow. We purchased Zeus and Artemis
at the same time and they were the same size. Now, Artemis would try to eat Zeus if they were in the same aquarium. For size comparison, look at the drain.

Apollo is our first Beardie . . .
She is much smaller than Artemis . . .
she was named wrong too!
Guess we aren't so good at determining 
gender when they are young.

Randy replaced the light bulbs in pantry . . .
Those LED bulbs are BRIGHT!

Ryan took these photos - sorry for the blur!

Self portrait!

Well, it is time to enjoy a movie with my kiddos and a snuggle with my furry ones too.

Have a great evening.

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