Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Morning

Weekends, who doesn't love them?
I always look forward to those two little days . . .
the end and the beginning of a week.

I love being home with each of my loves . . . 
big ones and the littles.

This morning found all but Katelyn and Mia in our bed.
It was a bit "overloaded" to say the least!
Randy and I have come to expect the pile on each Sunday morning.
There are giggles, puppy kisses and wiggly boys.
Randy makes the same statement each Sunday morning . . .
"Boy, I hate to have the bed break from overload!"

Ryan headed to the main floor to make breakfast.
It wasn't long before he arrived upstairs with two plates of toast . . .
for Mommy and Daddy . . . breakfast in bed.
He was all smiles as he watched each bite we took . . .
I made sure to comment on each delicious bite.
Ryan then returned to the main floor to make toast for his brothers.
Being TEN he is the official toast maker . . .
old enough to use the toaster safely ~ of which he is thrilled.

This morning the skies are gray outside . . .
but inside our home it feels sunny with the kids enjoying one another's company. Christmas music is playing and all is calm.

As I write, I think of those precious families whose homes are filled with mourning and broken hearts. I remind my children to pray for these families. We stop the chaos and each of the children lift up the families in prayers and then Daddy prays. Tears fall.
May we never forget to pray for others.

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