Thursday, December 13, 2012


The house is silent . . .
with the exception of Emma's snoring.

The hour is late, but I find it is the time I can relax 
and clear my head each day. Katelyn is still awake and enjoying her time of decompression as well.

Do you ever look at your children as they sleep and smile?
They are so peaceful and QUIET!

Lil Beckett is asleep between my arms as I write.
She is my snuggle bug.

Cameron is all tuckered out from studying hard.
Not sure why he doesn't snuggle under the blankets . . .
guess his jammies are warm and cozy.

He sleeps . . . and is QUIET!
This boy may be the youngest, but he can keep everyone hoppin'!

EJ likes his snuggly animals.
I just realized that he is sleeping on top of his bed quilt but has his blanket over him. Who can figure out boys?

Ryan doesn't like to sleep under his blanket . . .
because he will have to "Make the bed" in the morning.
Instead, he lays on top of the blanket and tucks himself under the bed quilt. That is "boy" thinking for you. lol

Three out of four of my boys are tummy sleepers, like Daddy.
EJ tends to sleep more like Mama.

Emma is snoring and the only one I hear . . .
besides the guinea pigs ~ they are eating.

Mia was sleeping until Katelyn tried to take this photo.
Sorry for the blurr . . .
hard to get pictures in the dark.

Seeley booth was under the bed . . .
Katelyn didn't get his picture.

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