Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Day in Pictures!

Today we begin our first of Christmas Parties! We are excited and say  . . . Let the PARTAY begin!

We slept in slightly  . . . thank you boys! Then up and at it at a chilled out pace. Our second batch of Pioneer Woman is now chilling in the fridge. Two trays to the party, two trays to deliver and the remainder for my family . . . they won't last long!

First rise for the Cinnamon rolls.

Second Rise

Proofing/rising in the mini oven.

and now . . .

The finished product . . .
total yumminess in a pan!


Randy and Katelyn are hanging my new clock. Thanks guys! You Rock!

Isn't it pretty?
Thank you K girls!


Eggs are boiled and ready to be refrigerated. I don't dare peel them ahead because the kids will find and devour them. 

Seeley Booth decided to chill out while Mama and Katelyn bake.
He has really grown and is so beautiful! He is such a good boy!

Lunch today was Ham and Cheese Panini! They were a hit and I was thrilled to finish up the ham from the beginning of the week.

Please ignore my . . . ahem . . . fine china!

Cody was the first one to the table.

It is now 1:00 p.m. and the last of the Cinnamon rolls are coming out of the oven. It is time for a little rest before we begin getting ready for our first Christmas party!

Have a great Day!

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