Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

We all waited and waited for Christmas Day 2012 . . .
Everyone was excited and we counted down for weeks, 
days and hours. I wondered if my kiddos would sleep in this morning or be up with the chickens . . . (no, we still don't have chickens . . . Randy still says we can't have them where we live, even with a really cute chicken coop!)

I was up and in the kitchen at 7:30 a.m. mixing together everything for Breakfast Casserole - my boys requested it.
They love breakfast casserole and request it often . . .
Thanks Marva for the yummy recipe you posted a few years ago!

My Mom and Dad joined us for breakfast . . .
lil' Sophie came too!
We all enjoyed breakfast together . . .
it is a very special breakfast for us.

The boys helped clean up . . .
as did Grandma and Katelyn.
Thanks everyone!

The boys were chomping at the bit to dive into the presents,
so after breakfast we finally gave them the go ahead.
This is the first Christmas we all set back and watched them dig through the gifts and open them all up . . . no order, no open one at a time . . . just DIVE in! Daddy and Grandma reminded the boys to throw away their wrap in the garbage bag. Wrap was flying and boys were jumping up and down. Katelyn enjoyed watching too . . .
we both remarked how Christmas changes a bit once you are an adult. Kind of sad, but nice in some ways too.

Cody opened one of his gifts that contained a Hex Bug . . .
he turned it on and promptly placed it on my head.
Of course, the rotating legs promptly gathered my hair and wound it up tightly. I quickly asked for help . . .
(Stacie, if I have a small bald spot on the top of my head . . . )
Mom came to the rescue . . .
thanks Mom!

It wasn't long before Cameron did the same thing . . .
to himself!
His Hex bug took out a bit more hair!
Once again Grandma came to the rescue!
She told Cameron, I will hold the bug . . .
you pull! I don't think Cameron thought it was a good idea, but he complied and soon he was free of the Hex Bug.

Our day was full to overflowing . . .
this was only a small bit our happenings and I will
share more AND include pictures tomorrow.

Time to head to bed.


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