Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012 Chapter 1

Phew, finally a time to sit down and write. 
We have had a great time celebrating Christmas!
We had two family parties to attend . . . one at Melissa's 
and one at Jeanette's
then our own Christmas at home. 

Christmas Eve's Eve was a lovely party at our Niece and Nephew's house . . .Melissa and Josh.
Randy, Katelyn, Ryan and Cody attended and had a great time.
I stayed home with Cameron and EJ . . . 
another story for another time.

Although I wasn't there to take photos . . .
Katelyn was able to get a few.

Katelyn took these photos with her iphone camera . . .
guess Randy and Katelyn forgot there regular cameras.
Many of the photos were blurry . . .
there was a lot of action going on there folks!

They also took two trays of these:
They were a HIT!

Thank you Melissa and Josh for the great time!

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