Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turkey, Elf, Gifts, A Story

I want to apologize . . . I am late getting my annual Thanksgiving video posted. Here it is:

Katelyn reminded me I hadn't posted the "hilarious turkey video". 


Today was a busy day overall.
I decided this morning the pantry and medicine cabinet needed a bit of an overhaul . . . the boys helped me. It was a real chore, but we accomplished it together.

Randy ground up the left over turkey and made some Turkey Salad.

Ryan and Cameron helped me make these beauties for Christmas.
Beautiful Pottery Barn jars with snowflake toppers.
Filled with a variety of Hershey's Kisses, Cookies and Candy Apple lotion . . . I was short a Candy Apple lotion on one of the jars. :-(

The boys are thrilled Our Little ELF Max has returned!
Yesterday they found Max within seconds . . .
this morning was another story and they were beginning to think Max left. It wasn't long after I reassured them he was still here that they found him in the curio cabinet sitting in a little birdcage.

The little pink doily under the bird cage belonged to Aunt Darlene.
I believe she made it.


Katelyn went on a shopping outing with Grandma today.
She had a great time today and came home all bouncy and excited.
I love that they spend time together.


I LOVE these cute little birds!
They arrived today from Joss & Main.


My post would not be complete without a story from our day.

This morning I put on a crock pot of beans and ham for dinner tonight. It simmered all day long and made the house smell so yummy. We all sat down and ate our dinner ~ which was a HIT and then began clearing the table. EJ was taking bowls to the sink and I asked him to rinse them before putting them into the dishwasher. (I didn't want any rogue beans zinging all over the dishes.) I went on with other kitchen duties when I saw a bowl in the dishwasher, (the only item) that had not been rinsed. I looked at EJ and asked him if he heard me when I instructed him to rinse the bowls before putting them into the dishwasher. He answered "yes . . . I just didn't do it yet." I then asked him why the bowl with the beans was in the dishwasher . . . I was thinking he actually forgot about rinsing it. EJ had a puzzled look on his face, so I repeated my question. "Why is the bowl in the dishwasher?" His answer was quick . . . "because it is dirty." 
I have to tell you, I couldn't believe my ears. Yes, I knew the bowl was dirty . . . I basically was trying to get EJ to realize he put the bowl in the dishwasher without rinsing it, but I actually think he thought my brain had totally had a blow out!

His expression and words basically hit me that he was thinking . . .

MAN Mom . . . the bowl is in the dishwasher because it is dirty . . .
why else would it be there?

I stood there and then thought . . .
Hey Randy, come over here . . .
you gotta hear this!

I repeated everything . . .
EJ watched as I presented an instant replay for Randy.
Once the replay was over, Randy turned to EJ and calmly said . . .

"EJ, we know the bowl is dirty . . .
we want you to see that you didn't rinse it.
Now, what happens if we don't rinse food out of the bowl and we run it in the dishwasher?"
EJ looked at Randy and shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, if you don't rinse the chunks of food off of the plates and bowls, the dishwasher will clog up. That wouldn't be a good thing now, would it?"

EJ shook his head no as I rinsed the bowls and EJ put them in the dishwasher . . .
Because they were dirty.

Anyone else shaking their head back and forth?

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