Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving prep began yesterday . . .
Katelyn began by making apple, cherry and sweet potato pies.

We received this BEAUTIFUL pink Poinsettia from my Mom!
Thank you Mom!!!

SEVEN pies were made . . .
crust and all from scratch.

This one is Sweet Potato.

Today, my entire crew got in on the "action" . . .

Ryan began slicing the cheese.
(His first time.)

Cody began helping with the deviled eggs.
(His first time.)

Cameron tore bread for the bread dressing . . . sorry no picture.
EJ helped keep the garbage empty . . . missed that one too.
(Actually, Katelyn was taking the photos during dinner prep.)

This year was quite different for us . . .
we usually spend the day and have a meal at my sister Janeie's house, however we spared everyone there a case of the creeping cough crud by staying home. Although the day was full of food, laughs and fun . . . Ryan said it didn't seem like Thanksgiving because we weren't at Aunt Janeie's.

Anyway, our Thanksgiving dinner included:

Mashed Potatoes (Yukon Gold . . . YUM!)
Green Bean Cassserole
Old Fashioned Bread Dressing
Stuffing - for the guys
Deviled eggs
Cranberry sauce
Cheese slices

Giving Thanks
(A quick photo, sorry for only getting your hand Katelyn!)

My crew does not need any instruction to "dig in!"
Stay clear!

EJ and Cody are watching as Katelyn dishes out stuffing.

Onto Dessert:

Apple pie
Sweet Potato Pie
and Araceli's (Alice) Tres Leche Cake

Clean up is ALMOST complete.

After everyone pitched in to help clean up we headed for the family room to watch the Macy Parade finale. We had recorded it because I knew we would miss it if we didn't.

The parade was beautiful and in Macy tradition, ended with Santa.

The display was beautiful!

I clicked a photo of Cody before turning on:

We love watching ELF!
Then the kids watched Home Alone and Snow Day. 

Thanksgiving 2012 is winding down.
Our day has been full as are our tummies!

It is time to relax and enjoy the remainder of the evening . . . but 
not before I let you in on a few Thankful moments of the day.

I am so very Thankful for my family. I smiled and treasured many moments throughout my day as I watched them play.

I am Thankful for laughter. Hearing my children full out belly laugh makes me stop and take notice.

I am Thankful for our home, a place that is crazy beyond belief but also a sanctuary . . . our door is always open.

I am Thankful for loving family and friends.

I am Thankful for the quiet moments . . . although at times it causes me to panic . . . when the boys are upstairs together 
and it is too quiet!

I am Thankful for our business.

I am Thankful for the opportunity to share what God has given us.

I am Thankful for those who serve or who have served in the military to protect us and others. 
May we never forget their sacrifices!

I am Thankful for the Unselfish Sacrifice of Jesus!

I am Thankful Jesus Rose from the dead!

I am Thankful for the Gift of Eternal Life!

I am Thankful for the promises in God's Word! 


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