Sunday, November 11, 2012


Yesterday, Katelyn, Ryan, Beckett and I took a little road trip. Katelyn had been assigned a project that required a trip to a museum to view Asian Art. We found two options . . . Chicago or Champaign. We chose the closer of the two . . . Champaign . . . two hours verses three to three and a half. 

We enjoyed a calm, quiet drive. It was lovely after that past  several weeks of non-stop busyness. Ryan was in the back seat with his Nintendo, Katelyn was my co-pilot and Beckett was on her personal perch . . . my shoulder.

We arrived in Champaign in good time and meandered through the streets of College town. It had been years since I had been in Champaign . . .  I totally forgot how busy, clogged up and wall to wall people it was. 

Game day meant plenty of blocked off streets . . . some we really could have used to get to our destination. After twenty minutes or so of driving around trying to locate the museum, we asked a security person to direct us. She was as "lost" as we were and she could not help us to get there because of all of the closed roads. So, we sought out another "helpful" soul . . . this Security person didn't have a clue and actually told us we were on the wrong side of town. YIKES! So, we did what any other CRAZED ADVENTURE SEEKING family would do . . . we drove around Campus Town until we found it. All in all it took us about 45 minutes to find the museum that was located with the many other campus buildings and dorms. Parking was a nightmare and I was thankful I didn't send Katelyn alone on this "field trip". 

We continued around and around the many blocks in an attempt to locate a parking space . . . I finally dropped Katelyn off at the museum and continued driving around while waiting for her. As I waited, I people watched. People were everywhere . . . walking, sitting under tents, grilling out, setting up lawn chairs and sitting just about anywhere. I was amazed that people were actually just hanging out anywhere they pleased. There were guys looking for tickets and others selling tickets. There were scads of porta potty stations . . . totally mind blowing!

They even had wheelchair accessible potties! Cool, right?

Katelyn didn't take long inside the museum  . . . she found exactly what she needed and headed back out. By the time she came out, I had found a parking space in front of the museum. Figures!

 The entrance to the museum.

It took less time for Katelyn to get photos of the Asian Art than it did to find a parking space! She jumped in the car and we headed out of CRAZY town!

While in CRAZY town, we saw many things . . .
1. People stopping anywhere to let someone cross the street - not just at the "stop for pedestrians" areas.
2. Mobs of people gathering in one little spot of a wienie roast.
3. People parking their car anywhere . . . it must have been allowed as long as their hazard lights were on . . . 
4. There was absolutely ZERO motorist courtesy . . . just pull on out, doesn't matter if a car is already there . . . they will move!
5. Security everywhere . . . except they were all chatting with one another!

To sum it all up . . .


We headed out of Champaign and headed for home!

We were a few miles from home when I noticed my car was turning over 1,000 miles. 

 Once home, Katelyn, Beckett and I took a lil' nap. It was wonderful.
After our nap, we all sat and watched the newest Spiderman. It was very good!

This morning, Randy has covered the jetskiis in preparation for winter. The winds are blowing hard and we are expecting the temps to drop dramatically. 

The kids are playing with Lego, Katelyn is working on a project for school, time to chill out and maybe read a book!

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