Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Petri Dish

Tonight our house shakes with the sounds of coughing . . . the type of aggravating cough that comes with a nasty cold. Our home has become a PETRI DISH of sorts, no matter how much hand sanitizer we use. Five of us have the dreaded "bug" . . . so far, Randy and Katelyn have escaped the cold virus. Two days in a row, we have returned home from school to take naps in the afternoon. Cough medicine dosing X five. The silver liner ~~~ hopefully, we will all been over this nasty cold by Thanksgiving!


This week will end nine weeks of school for my boys.
Report cards will be figured on Friday for Ryan and Cameron.
The other two boys are on six week schedules . . .
they will simply get a progress report.


My Christmas shopping is almost complete . . . 
I am thrilled!

My goal . . .
have everything purchased by Thanksgiving.

How about you?

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

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The Whitakers said...

We hope you guys feel better soon! Congratulations on a homeschool milestone! 9 weeks behind and your still going strong! Hurray! :) We started a little shopping. I love Christmas! :) I love this time of year. Warm houses, soup, candles, family togetherness! :) Take care you guys,
Kristi, for the Whitakers. :)

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