Thursday, November 29, 2012

December Celebrations and Remembrance and more

Would you believe I missed announcing 1200 posts have been made on this lil' ol' blog? 


Tonight, I cannot sleep. I guess it could be because I took a short little snooze late this afternoon. It also could be that I am a bit itchy . . . I ran out of Zyrtec and wasn't able to take any last night. So now, I am itchy through my arms. Guess I should have had an extra bottle on hand. Katelyn stopped and picked up some Zyrtec before coming home tonight. Hopefully, it will kick the itch soon.


Two more days to the month and we enter December. So hard to comprehend another year is almost done. I am thankful for my little blog . . . I can look back on the year to see what we actually did.


I am thrilled to say I have finished my Christmas shopping and have begun wrapping gifts. I secret code the gifts so the boys won't know which gift is theirs. Madagascar names . . . Mort, Melvin, Alex and Marty. Ryan claims he knows who I gave each name to. We shall see! :-)


Randy's 54th birthday is on December 2. He is older than I am . . . by almost six years. We hope to have a fun family time celebrating his birthday. I am sure the kids will want to bake him a cake and decorate it for him. I watch my husband and have to smile . . . he is like no other and God set him aside just for me! 

My Mom's birthday is on December 5 . . . sorry, not sharing her age! I have Mom's gift all ready for her. This year the gift is "different" and I think she will really enjoy it. Sorry Mama . . . it isn't an RV! Love you! (insert smiley JuJu face here) I am so thankful my Mama is still on this earth. So many of my friends have lost one or both of their parents. I am so very thankful to still have both Mom and Dad so close.

Our Ding Ding's birthday is on December 12. This will be her second Birthday celebration in Heaven. I was looking through pictures the other night and came across several from Katelyn's Graduation Open House. I really miss her. There are times I think of her and I can hear her voice as plain as day. There was a precious woman at the hair salon that reminded me so much of our Ding Ding.

December 9 will be the first anniversary of Uncle Sam's passing. I came across pictures of him as well. There were pictures of him at Katelyn's party . . . with a head full of hair. He looked tired and little did we know he would have a tough road ahead. Then there were photos of Uncle Sam at Ryan's Birthday party. Ryan had some of his friends over for his 9th birthday and he invited Uncle Sam too. That was in September, 2011 and Uncle Sam was as bald as a billiard ball by then. Little did we know he wouldn't live to celebrate Christmas 2011.

Thinking of Aunt Ding Ding and Uncle Sam I often wonder what they would think of my kids. They always stressed the importance of college . . . Katelyn is now almost 1/2 way through her sophomore year and doing very well. I think they would be so proud of her and Aunt Darlene would say . . . I am so proud I am busting my buttons! I think they would be proud of Ryan too . . . he also held a special place in their lives. Ryan loved spending Friday nights with them. Aunt Ding Ding would make him his "special" eggs. I think they would be proud of my other boys too . . . although they didn't have enough energy to keep up with all of the boys . . . we knew they still loved them. 

As we enter the Month of December I pray we all take time to LOVE, APPRECIATE and TREASURE our LOVED ONES. You never know when God will call them home.

God Bless, 

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