Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Change in Plans

This morning has started slowly . . . of which I am thankful! Our lil' Home School "partied" Monday and Tuesday in celebration of Thanksgiving. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Today will be a calm day with a bit of cooking/baking for Katelyn and I. 

I LOVE being in the kitchen with Katelyn . . . she makes cooking/baking fun, albeit messy! lol

Nasty cold/cough virus germs have invaded our home. It all began with me a little over a week ago . . . hit like a freight train. Two of the boys began at the same time . . . our home was a little science experiment of sorts ~ definitely a petri dish! I was hoping all would be clear for Thanksgiving . . . well, not so much.
This morning six of the seven of us are coughing . . .
lingering coughs for some and all out coughing for the others.
Randy has yet to be hit with the "bug".
Our Thanksgiving will be spent at home this year . . .
of course, it wouldn't be the "holiday" without someone being sick.

Today we will be making pies - or at least I will be.
I will drop them off at my sister's house tonight, 
along with the ham. 

Tomorrow, our lil' Home style Thanksgiving will feature:

Mashed potatoes - requested by Cody
Green bean casserole - requested by my boys
Stuffing - for the boys
Bread Dressing for Katelyn and I
Sweet potato pie

If things go as planned, I will also get Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls made. The kids go crazy over them!

Our day will include . . .

watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade . . .

Plenty of movies:
The Love Bug
The Incredible Mr. Limpet

Game time . . .
we have plenty - who knows what they will choose!

I am praying for a lovely Thanksgiving, although we will be missing our large family Thanksgiving at my Sis' house.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I am reminded to be Thankful for Family . . . Last year several of our loved ones moved to Heaven.
Last Thanksgiving was our final Thanksgiving with Uncle Sam. Although he didn't attend Thanksgiving Day at my Sis' house, we had a little mini Thanksgiving for him at our house. Little did we know, fifteen days later Uncle Sam would join Aunt Darlene in Heaven. I am so thankful we were able to celebrate one last time with Uncle Sam and he celebrated Christmas 2011 pain free in Heaven! We think of them all the time . . .
enjoying Heaven and it makes us SMILE!

I came across this beautiful song ~

I pray it will touch your heart too!

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