Sunday, November 4, 2012


There are never enough hours in the day or energy in the body to complete everything that is needed in a house full of boys. So, yesterday I dedicated the entire day to BOY bedrooms. Three of the boys ~ two bedrooms. We were BUSY . . . ALL DAY! There were bags, totes, laundry baskets of toys and books either my boys have outgrown, failed to put away, broken or never play with. I am thankful we have a place to donate and hope our garbage man isn't too irritated with us after next weeks pick up!

I didn't take photos of the before and during . . .
but I did get some photos of the after!

First, we tackled Cameron and EJ's room.
I was mortified at the state of their toys!
Games without game pieces, clothing thrown in with toys, broken eyeglasses thrown in with toys, candy wrappers here and there.
Of course, nothing was on the floor . . . 
just stuffed here and there so it "looked good" at first glance.

Here is the finished room:

Lego storage.

Sorry the photos are a bit grainy . . .
cell phone photos don't enlarge well.

I am sure you can see . . .

Now before you feel sorry for my boys and their LACK of toys . . .
their Rokenboc and Playmobil sets are in the basement and most of their games are in our library cabinets.

After SIX+ hours in Cameron and EJ's room, we headed to Cody's room. His was not as bad . . . although we did eliminate toys from his room as well.

Lil' Zeus lives in Cody's room.

Today I want to get more organization accomplished, but I am almost afraid to mention it for fear of my troops forming a Coup.

First thing . . .
organize the newly renovated boys' bathroom.
It is almost complete and pictures will follow shortly.
Randy has a few things like shelving, paint touch up and grouting to finish up . . . then let the decorating begin!

Then I would like to tackle Ryan's room.
It will be such a relief to have it finished as well.
He has much that needs gone through . . .
If you don't hear from me by tomorrow . . .
send in the troops!

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